The Circle Italia

Be moved. Be angry. Be part of the solution”.
These are the words of Annie Lennox, founder of The Circle.

The Circle is a network of women that is committed to helping women living in difficult situations around the world. The Circle is a circle of women who provide their skills and time to design, implement and support fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Founded in England by Annie Lennox in 2008, The Circle was set up in Italy in 2010. The organization believes in women's rights and that the affirmation of rights is able to bring well-being; it is committed to raising awareness of the importance of values ​​such as equality, education and merit and understands that if you help one woman you are actually helping many people. The women who work as The Circle are unpaid volunteers and the organization does not keep any profits but, instead, invests them in projects that go to directly benefit specialized and trusted non-profit organizations that have good chances of sustainability.