Team For Humanity

The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic saw India experience loss of a scale and impact we were not prepared for. While the caseloads have come down and the scenario seems to be improving in terms of healthcare and access, the battle for survival is far from over.

It’s time for us to step up our efforts and help the ones who have been hit hardest. The only way ahead is to unite, collaborate and help each other rebuild. And that’s why the global sports community, athletes, teams and fans are joining hands to form Team for Humanity – a fundraiser to provide cash support to low-income families who have lost an earning member to COVID-19.

Join Team for Humanity alongside global athletes and celebrities who are coming together to help vulnerable families. 

As part of the initiative, these celebrities are pledging valuable memorabilia from their lives and careers for their fans to bid on, the proceeds from which will directly go to families that have been devastated by COVID-19.

Each bereaved family will receive one-time cash support of INR 30,000 (approx $400/family) to help with their living expense.

Now, more than ever, humanity needs to rise up and help India combat the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on the most vulnerable of us.

Here’s how you can be part of Team for Humanity:

Donate – No contribution is too small or too big!
Support – Follow our social handles, and encourage us with a shout-out as we grow Team for Humanity, and help families rebuild.
Share – Tell your friends, colleagues, families, and neighbours about Team for Humanity, and inspire them to join this battle against COVID-19.

Because for the first time ever, all of Humanity is playing as one team! Join us to make a difference.

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