Salaam Bombay Foundation

Salaam Bombay Foundation was established with the mission to empower children aged 11- 17 in India’s urban slums to build their self-esteem and give them confidence to stay in school and go on to better-paying jobs and vocations. In India, slum families survive on less than £200 per month and 64% of children Drop out of school to support their families before Year 9, entering unregulated workforce and are often exploited.

We engage with these ‘at-risk’ children through in-school programmes and after school sports, arts, media and vocational training academies.

These academies not only encourage the children to express themselves but also provide professional job opportunities as fitness trainers, photographers, video editors, and many more. The skills@school programme broadens career opportunities that allow for sustainable jobs in sectors like beauty, mobile and home appliance repair, bakery, dance, and theatre. Many go on to start their own businesses through Salaam Bombay’s Entrepreneurship Incubator, which gives training in business skills, including marketing promotion, product pricing and financial planning. The Incubator has benefitted 150 entrepreneurs till date. Our vocational Training academies have impacted more than 56,439 students across 7 cities in India.


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