OTB Foundation x l'Ucraina

OTB Foundation is active on several fronts to help the Ukrainian population who have been brought to their knees for weeks by the war.

After having first accepted UNHCR's urgent appeal to support people and families forced to flee within national borders and to neighboring countries, the Foundation activated directly from Italy: starting from the organization of coaches for bring fleeing Ukrainian refugees to Italy, and then continue with the management of reception in the territory, also providing first health assistance. Given the need for accommodation, the arrangement of reception facilities in the area and the tracking of all availability were also fundamental activities to support the emergency.

Last and not least, the collection and purchase of material (clothing, toys, drugs and food) which was then destined both in the border areas close to the conflict and to institutions that are hosting people.

Now OTB Foundation has activated itself with a support and insertion network for full integration with other activities: profiling of professional figures, work and school insertions, organization of recreational and sports activities for children and teenagers

To date, 446 people have been brought to Italy thanks to the OTB Foundation network.