Il Cuore Altrove Foundation

Our ambition is to help create a world where children feel safe and empowered; where they can live without fear or the ingrained hatred of past generations; a world ripe with possibility and potential, capable of supporting their hopes and dreams.

To achieve this isn’t going to be straightforward or quick. It demands realism and pragmatism to see the world as it is and a bold imagination to envisage what it could be. Between the two we place our human capital in a bid to pull them closer together. We use our passion, unique skills and far-reaching connections, leveraging them with pace and acumen to multiply the impact and accelerate change.

We have the technology and finance required to solve the greatest humanitarian problems and guarantee the stability, freedom and protection all our children deserve.

We have never been better connected and therefore never better placed to find synergistic partnerships and willing collaborators. This same connectedness gives our voice global volume and resonance. Innovators, leaders and influencers are now all within earshot.

Il Cuore Altrove is the manifestation of hope in a cynical world. We our placing our heart where the most active form of love is required. Protecting, nurturing and inspiring the world's most vulnerable children. Offering security where there is uncertainty and hope instead of despair to unlock their full potential and help them become the strong building blocks of all our futures.