Ukrainian Charity Fund Happy Mind Help

Dear friends, we are a project providing psychological assistance to military personnel and refugees in Ukraine,

Due to the war in Ukraine, over 10 million people have left Ukraine for abroad and temporarily relocated within the country. Furthermore, over 1 million people are military personnel, emergency service workers, and other special services who also need assistance. Our budget is limited; therefore we need your help in spreading and developing our project.

Our goal is to assist 10 million Ukrainians with our online trainer, which provides psychological self-help through exercises based on the scientifically proven CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) method.

We are raising funds for the following:

  • Creating an application with cutting-edge 3D video capture technology
  • Staff expenses: therapists, IT and marketing specialists, etc.
  • Dissemination and marketing
  • Development of new courses and methods for psychological self-help assistance

Please share our website among your friends and acquaintances if you cannot support us financially. We aim to expand the reach of our project not only in Ukraine, but also abroad.