Fondazione P.U.P.I Onlus

The Fundacion PUPI was created in 2001, in a disadvantaged area of ​​Argentina, with the aim of working to full protect the rights of children and adolescents. The Foundation was set up by Javier Zanetti and his wife Paula, who wanted to create an organization that would develop this project.

Since then, the objective has been to provide intervention that will support and aid the growth of the most vulnerable social sectors.

21 years on, the PUPI Foundation has managed to develop a model for intervention, from early childhood to adolescence, providing promotion, assistance, organization and collective mobilization. Year after year the results show how each family that has come into contact with the organization has managed to grow in strength and create bonds and solidarity within its own community.

Today the Foundation's priority is to continue promoting an equal opportunities policy. We believe that it is possible to guarantee all rights to children and their families and we will continue on this road.

Projects currently in progress:

- "Mama Amor" project
- "An alternative life" project
- Cultural projects: 1 Theater workshop, 2 Music workshops, 3 Murga workshops
- "Books of solidarity" project
- Sports projects
- NAC - Knowledge access center
- DIAT - Integral territorial activities system
- Build with Us