Fondazione Francesca Rava - N.P.H. ITALIA Onlus

The Francesca Rava Foundation helps youths faced with poverty in Italy and the rest of the world through distance adoptions, projects, work on raising awareness about children's rights and volunteering. It is non-denominational and apolitical and in Italy it represents the international humanitarian organziation NPH - Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (Our Little Brothers).

Since the start of the Coronavirus emergency the organization has worked tirelessly by donating equipment urgently required in hospital intensive care units and sending specialized volunteers to support nurses and doctors who are fighting every day with a courage that comes from the heart.

Thanks to the Foundation's efforts, an additional intensive care unit with 16 places has already opened at the Polyclinic of Milan and another ward with 30 beds is under construction at the Sacco Hospital in Milan.
Equipment (respirators, ventilators, beds, monitors, ultrasounds, mobile radiography equipment) has been donated to hospitals throughout Italy including:

  • San Giuseppe Hospital in Milan
  • Papa Giovanni XXIII Hospital in Bergamo
  • Treviglio Hospital (Bergamo)
  • Civil hospital of Brescia
  • Verbania Hospital
  • Gemelli Hospital in Rome
  • Spallanzani Hospital in Rome
  • Cardarelli hospital in Naples
  • Syracuse hospital

In addition to sending ICU equipment and volunteer health workers, the Foundation team is delivering drugs, babycare products, 30,000 masks and disinfectant gels and other basic necessities to communities for children in difficult situations and soup kitchens for the poor.