Electriciens sans frontières

For over 30 years, the mission of non-profit organization Electriciens sans frontières has been to provide the world's poorest populations with sustainable access to electricity and water.

At a time when Coronavirus is spreading all over the world, the most isolated populations are paying the highest price.

The lack of access to energy or water, already a dramatic situation for nearly a billion people prior to the emergency, will mean that the consequences of the epidemic will hit even harder.

Electriciens sans frontières projects are already contributing to the fight against coronavirus by helping poor people to:

- respect the hygiene rules that are essential for limiting the spread of the virus through access to water;

- implement social distancing or confinemen measures through the provision of telecommunications requiring electricity;

- provide reliable and uninterrupted access to electricity in hospitals and health centres.

Half of the Electriciens sans frontières projects focus on providing access to water: without soap or water it’s impossible to comply with hygiene rules, ones that are especially important during a health crisis.

In addition to the impending human disaster, the pandemic will rapidly slow down the economy of the affected countries.

In order to address the current situation and prepare for the future, Electriciens sans frontières is mobilizing a response that will roll out over several stages, depending on where intervention is needed, ranging from the urgent delivery of material (for example for lighting and the recharging of telephones) to onsite actions (for example the strengthening of health facilities or the improvement of systems that may be over-stressed).


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