Croce Rossa Italiana

The Italian Red Cross has been in the front line since the beginning of the alert regarding Covid-19 taking multiple actions such as emergency services, health services, psychological support, logistics, informative activities, surveillance activities, health screenings and giving substantial support for crucial activities to help fighting against the outbreak that is putting our Nation in a very difficult situation.

In partnership with the Public Health Department and Civil Protection Department, the ItRC is safely managing the transport of potentially suspect cases to health facilities and of positive cases in need of transfer to predisposed structures or in case of hospital discharge to provide care at home. 

Through regional Emergency Units the Italian Red Cross is coordinating the logistic support of pre-triage activities, which are predisposed by the main hospitals with the aim to identify any new positive cases before they enter the emergency room, and home health care services. 

We should never forget that the people are at the heart of our vision and of our actions and in this emergency situation, we have chosen to inaugurate the new motto “tempo della gentilezza” (time of kindness): the ItRC has intensified all services on national  territory dedicated to support the most vulnerable community members: these services include home deliveries of groceries, medicines and essential goods and social transport if needed.