Alan Ghitis Association

The Alan Ghitis Association was created in 2019 following the death of our friend Alan Ghitis, who died of melanoma cancer. We, his friends, his family, his colleagues and now other people that did not know him and are sensitive on the subject have come together to advance research against skin cancer, and in general to relieve patients who are affected.

Our projects in 3 years:
We financed 2 care projects, and 3 research projects in world-renowned laboratories for cancer research: at UCLA (in California), and at Humanitas University (Milan). Our scientific committee made up of renowned researchers helps us make the most impactful decisions with the funds we collect.

One of our projects has been taken over by Pfizer to develop a drug there, and we are about to start a 4ᵉ project in the clinical trial phase.

Melanoma cancer: the deadliest skin cancer. Melanoma has the highest increase in the incidence of all cancers. Its frequency is multiplied by 2 every 10 years. Prevention is key, but once the cancer is established, if detected too late, mortality rates are very high.

We have had amazing results so far thanks to wonderful donors and very talented scientists. We need to keep going and raise as much funds as we can, that is why we need your help!