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AIRC’s goals are that of financing a constant oncological research with particular attention made to young researchers and to raise awareness and inform the public.

The Italian Association for Cancer Research (Associazione Italiana per la Ricerca sul Cancro, or AIRC) and a private non-profit association was founded in 1965 by a group of researchers at the Istituto Tumori in Milan, including Umberto Veronesi and Giuseppe della Porta,  and with invaluable support from eminent local businesspeople.

From the outset, AIRC has been committed to promoting cancer research in Italy, and has gradually expanded to include 17 Regional Committees and 1,462,179 members. These are people whose generosity support the association and allow it to exist and move forward. What AIRC does is to raise funds and give out grants for cancer research, and keep the public up to date on the latest news in this field.

Funds raised are allocated to research through a rigorous selection process based on merit and transparency. The severity and professionalism used to evaluate these research projects and the Scientific Committee, which is made up of technical scientific experts, oversees grants.

This Committee coordinates the evaluation process and the support to workers on the Scientific Committee, made up of 24 researchers, men and women that are renowned Italian oncologists.

The Scientific Committee is asssited by the top 600 foreign cancer researchers. Their task is to select the best projects through a process that lasts about 9 months.

In 1977 AIRC set up the Fondazione Italiana per la Ricerca (FIRC), recognized as a non-profit association in 1980, for the specific purpose of receiving bequests, inheritances and donations. Legally separate from but complementary to AIRC, the foundation’s task is to develop an asset base that ensures future of research.

More specifically, AIRC is committed to:

•  Funding research carried out at university labs, hospitals, and scientific institutions.

•  Completing the education of young researchers in Italy and abroad by offering grants for further study.

•  Informing the public and raising awareness of progress in cancer research. 

Since its foundation, AIRC has achieved the following:

•  it has given out more than 905 million for research projects conducted at institutions, universities, and hospitals throughout Italy;

•  it has given out more than € 36  million for study grants to young researchers;

•  in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws, it has created a system to inform and raise public awareness of the latest developments in cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, mainly through its publication "Fondamentale" supported by FIRC, and its website.

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