How does the auction work?

The user with the highest bid on the auction will win the item/experience.

Bidding on the auction is free of charge.


When does the auction end?

Each auction has a timer, which counts down to the close of the auction. However, any bid made in the last 2 minutes of the auction will automatically reset the auction timer to 2 minutes remaining, giving the opportunity for other users to bid. The end of the auction will be prolonged if bids are being placed


What is the reserve price?

The reserve price is the lowest price that an auction can be sold for.

In order to ensure that a fair amount is raised for an auction lot, the auction promoter/donor is free to choose the reserve price. The user will not be able to see the exact value of the reserve price.

If a user makes a bid under the reserve price, they will be notified immediately after the bid has been placed.

In the event that an auction finishes under the reserve price, the user with the highest bid will be informed of the reserve price. They then may decide whether to accept the price and proceed with payment for the auction. If this option is not accepted, the auction will be considered unsold.


What is the starting auction price?

The starting auction price is the minimum bid at which the auction commences. This may be less than or equal to the reserve price.


What is a minimum bid?

Bidding increments vary depending on the current price of the auction. Bidding increments start from a £1 minimum bid. The minimum bid increment required will be noted next to the ‘Bid Now’ button on that particular auction.


What is the maximum bid function?

The maximum bid function is the maximum amount that a user is willing to pay to win the auction. This function is recommended for those who do not have the time to monitor the progress of the auction.

The maximum bid is not shown in public and is visible only to the User who has placed the maximum bid. Once placed, a maximum bid cannot be retracted.


Here's an example:

An auction commences with a reserve price of £200 and a minimum bid increment of £50. The starting price is £100. James decides to make a offer of £100 and also utilises the maximum bid function, placing a maximum bid of £500.

James immediately becomes the highest bidder with a bid of £200, as the system factors in the reserve price.

Sarah then makes an offer of £250. After one minute the system automatically places a £300 bid on behalf of James.

If a third user later bids £800, James will be notified via email and via SMS that his maximum bid has been exceeded.

If two or more users make the same maximum bid, priority will be given to the User made their offer first.


How will I be notified if my bid is exceeded?

If a bid is exceeded, the user will immediately receive a email and SMS notification.


Can you cancel/retract a bid?

Once a bid has been placed, it cannot be retracted.

If a user wins an auction, they must complete payment for an auction. This is stated in the terms and conditions that a user must accept before bidding.

In the case of a user failing to pay, Charitystars will request payment via the Court of Law in Milan. The object will then be relisted and put up for auction again, or offered to the second highest bidder.


How do I know if I have won an auction?

CharityStars automatically notifies the auction winner by email. Simply follow the steps in the email and proceed to checkout to complete the transaction at the final auction price. Once this has been completed, someone from the CharityStars team will contact you to discuss the details of the experience.



I won the auction, how do I pay?

If you win an auction, you will receive an email with payment instructions. Credit / debit card and Paypal is accepted for the payment of an auction and the relevant shipping / administrative costs. The shipping and administrative costs are made apparent to the user before they confirm their bid on an auction. For auctions that have a high value, CharityStars can accept bank transfers. If you have any questions about payments, please contact enquiries@charitystars.com


In which currency should I pay for the auction?

The currency of an auction depends on the origin of the object / experience auctioned. It is possible that the currency does not correspond to that of the country where the User is based. In any case, the currency that is being used for an auction is displayed on the auction webpage. Auctions will be in Euros, Dollars or Pounds.


What are your shipping and handling policies?

As stipulated in CharityStars’ Terms & Conditions, all CharityStars auctions have a mandatory handling charge of £30 for experiences and £10 for items. The 'Handling Fee' is charged in order to provide continued auctions and support for CharityStars users and is a mandatory fee charged regardless and on top of any shipping costs.


When do I pay?

Payment is due within 72 hours of the end of the auction, unless otherwise stated in the description of the auction.

If payment is not received within that time, the User may be charged 50% of the final auction value.


What are the administrative costs?

The administrative costs are a fee to be paid by the winner of an auction. They can wither be fixed or variable, in proportion to the final hammer price of the lot won.

The administrative costs are explicitly shown during the bidbing process.


How much is the delivery of an object?

Generally shipment has a cost of £15 for UK and £30 for abroad. However, this depends on the size of the item. Delivery costs will be made apparent to the user before they confirm their bid. The item will be shipped to the address entered during the payment.


When will I receive my item?

In each auction description, the number of working days it will approximately take for your item to arrive, after payment has been received, will be stated. CharityStars aims to deliver items to Italy within 7 working days, to the rest of Europe within 10 working days, and to the rest of the world in 15 working days. We use professional couriers that guarantee a quick and safe postage.


I won an experience, how do I arrange it?

Someone from the CharityStars team will contact the winner of any experience to arrange the details.


Does CharityStars conduct background checks?

Yes, all auction winners and their guests will undergo a thorough background check prior to CharityStars providing details and confirming an experience. A criminal background check may be conducted with the winner's consent.


Can I return an item won in an auction?

The user that wins an auction accepts the auction lot as described and shown in the photo-gallery. CharityStars does not assume any responsibility for damages incurred during delivery by the courier.


How can I be sure of the authenticity of a product?

CharityStars ensures the authenticity of the objects auctioned on the site. The items come directly from the VIP seller, their team or an accredited supplier. It is possible to have a Certificate of Authenticity issued through the CharityStars shop.



What is the SMS verification?

To place a bid on an auction you need to verify your account via SMS. Your mobile phone number is required so you can receive a 4-digit PIN code received. This will be asked for and once entered, your account will be verified.

This procedure will take place only once and is used to authenticate the user. It is a security measure needed to ensure proper functionality of the site.

No fee will be charged to the User.


Why do I have to register my credit card to make an offer?

To ensure the security and authenticity of all bids, Charitystars requires registration of a credit / debit card. The registration of the credit / debit card is to verify the validity of the card. The payment method can be changed later.


Why do I see an authorization of £1 on my bank account?

Upon placing your first bid on an auction, CharityStars pre-authorises your credit  / debit card to confirm its validity. The £1 amount shown is this pre-authorisation and will be removed from your account within several days. Note that this pre-authorisation charge does not imply that a purchase from CharityStars has been made or attempted, and there are no pending charges as a result of this validation.



Can I choose the non-profit association to which to allocate the proceeds from the auction?

You cannot choose the benefitting charity, as it is the auction promoter that chooses which organisation to support.


Is the amount I paid for an auction item tax deductible?

We ask that you please consult a tax professional for determining any tax deduction queries regarding our CharityStars charity auctions. Please email enquiries@charitystars.com to request a receipt of an auction you won so that you can submit it to a tax professional for determining any tax-deductible amount.


How much goes to charity?

To learn more about our policy of transparency laws click HERE.


How does a charity join CharityStars?

Any charity can join CharityStars, click HERE to join us.