Vintage Fashion is on Trend: The Green Choice for a Sustainable Wardrobe

Compulsive shopping is being replaced by vintage, and the planet is grateful

In the past, clothing and accessories were made and bought to last. Today, the way we shop has changed and the market is increasingly geared towards satisfying immediate and frenetic impulses, with disastrous impact on the planet. But just recently things have started to changed, a promising sign for the future. People have decided to reject fast fashion in favor of more sustainable consumption.
Vintage fashion fully embodies the new anti-waste trend and is widely appreciated for a number of reasons. Vintage is excellent value for money and when you buy vintage clothes and accessories you know that you’re limiting disastrous impact on the environment. Vintage fashion lovers and newbies have the chance to win used bags, shoes and accessories from some of the top fashion brands at auction.

Even Fast Fashion Comes at a Cost

When we talk about "fast fashion", we’re talking about one of the most controversial phenomena in the fashion industry and one of the most harmful trends for the environment. This activity puts clothes and accessories on the market at bargain prices, at a speed that forces consumers to update their wardrobes much faster than they would like. It is a toxic business model because it is based on unsustainable and extremely dangerous choices for humans and the planet.

Low priced clothes and accessories hide the exploitation of workers in developing countries, places in which there are no rules to protect the environment. This production model encourages overconsumption and generates tons of waste and the price we pay is pollution. When products are cheap consumers always buy more than they really need. . The direct consequence is the triggering of a vicious circle that threatens environmental and social sustainability.

Vintage Fashion: A Sustainable Choice

In the wake of some terrible tragedies involving the fast fashion industry, the world has started to open its eyes the harmful consequences of the business model, particularly in light of recent green needs. Instant and borderless low-cost shopping has suffered a setback and has given way to the buying of clothes and accessories at higher prices, from regulated and sustainable production chains.

The focus is back on the product’s real value and vintage fashion is in the spotlight. What could be more ecological and sustainable than choosing to buy second-hand? In the past, clothing and accessories were produced to last a lifetime, especially items designed by the top brands. Vintage fashion is the ideal way to give a second life to products destined for landfill or that would otherwise be unused. This trend means a lower impact in terms of waste and it also means less production, considerably reducing the threat that fast fashion has on the planet.

And let’s not forget that second-hand clothes and accessories are less expensive. This means that you have the chance to buy quality products at reduced prices and save money. Buying vintage is a unique experience, not only because it allows you the chance to enjoy the thrill of looking for and bagging special items and accessories, but also because it gives you the chance to fully express your personality. Vintage fashion is unique meaning you can wear something that no one else has.

The Circular Economy

Buying of vintage clothing and accessories triggers the flow of the circular economy, a model that is based on sustainable consumption behaviors. Those who adopt this buying model are more inclined to resell products that they no longer use. It means that if you buy a high quality vintage or second-hand dress you can one day resell it and make back some of the money you spent on it.

This way of thinking leads to the consumer recognizing and expecting quality. We start paying more attention to the brands and we tend to choose items that may be over a decade old but are still full of appeal. You can win vintage bags, accessories and shoes from some of the hottest high fashion boutiques at auction pieces that have stood the test of time!