Celebrity Meet and Greet Experiences

Celebrity Meet and Greet experiences with stars who stand out for their talent and success. Get ready to meet your favorite stars and discover some of the tricks of the trade.

We all grew up with one all-time favorite legend. Whether that someone is an actor, a celebrity or fashionista, we’d get excited every time they appeared on TV or at the movies. And it’s not just stars of showbiz; we often admire successful business people and recognize how good they are at what they do.

If you could choose your favorite celebrity, who would it be? Many VIPs give up some of their free time for meet and greets with the proceeds going to a good cause. Here are some of the stars you could meet and fulfill a dream.


From Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, owner of more than twenty companies and a net worth of over 100 million dollars, to Grant Cardone - speaker, entrepreneur and author of the book “The 10X Rule”. These are two people who can help you to focus your business, give you insider knowledge and be a true inspiration.  

If you’re more interested in kickstarting your brand, you can count on Simonetta Lein and Raphael Anthony Amabile of Ausonia Partners LLC, an international digital consulting agency, specialized in digital PR, Content Strategy and Content Marketing. A truly exclusive opportunity. Or maybe you’re focused on growing your web reputation.. in that case, how about a 30-day advertising campaign with World Star PR?

Meet and…. Follow!

If you’d like to meet a celebrity but you’d also like them to follow you on Instagram, we’ve got the perfect solution for you. Did you know that the internationally renowned music artist Julian Marley, son of Bob Marley, and the rapper Afroman would be happy to help?

In addition to spending an hour with your idol, you even have the chance to keep in touch on Instagram, receive likes and chat with them. What could be more incredible?

Lessons in Style

There are many reasons why we get obsessed by the stars and often it’s down to their professional abilities. And that’s why you might want to meet up with leading figures like Stevie Boi, American designer and founder of the luxury sunglass range SB Shades, or Ali Levine, stylist to many stars who believes that the expression of your authentic self is your greatest value.

When you meet Gurus like these you’ll have the chance work on your outer appearance to make sure it’s in line with your ideas and professional goals.

Famous Faces from TV and Cinema

If you still haven’t found anyone to suit you and you’re looking for someone even more famous to exchange ideas with, then look no further.

Did you know that Buddy Valastro, Italian cake baker who rose to fame with the American TV show “Cake Boss”, Eric Roberts, the actor well-known for his roles in “Best of the Best” and “The Specialist", the movie producer Cindy Cowan and Bob Saget, American actor, presenter, comedian and director, are looking forward to meeting you?