Discovering the UK: 4 Luxury Locations You Don't Want to Miss

Staying in a historical residence or a luxury home is the best way to enjoy your time in the UK. And if new adventures give you the chance to help a good cause, what’s not to like?

Time to daydream about losing yourself in some of the UK’s greatest cities, enjoying relaxing moments as you immerse yourself in the history and charm of some truly exclusive luxury hotels. These enchanting design-infused locations will be the backdrop to your journey of discovery.


Edinburgh is one of the most famous cities on the East coast of Scotland, situated not far from Glasgow and famous for its enchanting streets and its prestigious university (founded in 1582).

If you’d like to spend a luxury-filled romantic stay in the city then Malmaison Edinburgh is the perfect place. The hotel is located in St Andrew’s Square, right in the heart of the city and just a few steps from the historic center. It boasts a stunning garden, inspired by the buildings around Rose and Thistle Street, and rooms equipped with comforts including king-size or super king-size beds and exceptional service. If you’re heading to Edinburgh, this is one unmissable gem.


Cambridge is one of the most captivating cities in the UK, home to one of the oldest universities and boasting a stunning city center perfect for a two or three-day tour. For a perfect stay you should head to Hotel du Vin Cambridge, located in Trumpington Street, a conversion of old university buildings that has maintained some of the marvelous original architectural features, making it a truly unique destination.

If you want to savor a cup of real English tea as you admire the exposed brick of restored fireplaces, complete with original wood flooring, then Hotel du Vin Cambridge is just what you were looking for.


As you continue on your tour of the UK you may want to make a stop in Wimbledon, in the suburbs of London. The area is best known for its tennis tournament but it’s also packed with luxury locations. The Wimbledon Hotel du Vin is a nineteenth-century house that has maintained the charm of residences of that era. This is where artists of the caliber of Lord Tennyson, Oscar Wilde and the last Maharaja of Punjab have stayed.

If you spend a night here you’ll have the chance to wander to nearby boutiques and the sprawling park, as well as visit the All England Club, home to tennis that for two weeks every year plays host to the Wimbledon Tennis Championship. Whether you love tennis or not, this luxury historical residence is worth visiting, if only for a night.


What better way to bring your tour of the UK to a close than with a stop over in London? This city needs no introduction and it may already occupy a special place in your heart. The capital city has a truly diverse offering so, if you’re longing for a luxury break the Malmaison London, with its over seventy rooms is waiting to welcome you.

This is the perfect location for lovers of design, Cosmo and Sunday brunch, as well as those who can’t wait to enjoy a cocktail or glass of champagne at the Chez Mal Lounge.