Thanks to our ambassadors

The CharityStars Ambassador Programme is dedicated to delivering our message "live a dream, make a change". Our volunteer ambassadors represent and promote the values of our company around the world.




Our achievements wouldn't have been possible without the help of our esteemed ambassadors, who, in supporting our vision, have contributed invaluable advice, influence and encouragement.

With their financial backing, introductions as well as celebrity and brand connections, they have enabled us to create sustainable and innovative fundraising mechanisms used by 100's of charities worldwide. Their motivation? Quite simply, so that more charities can receive more funds to help those who deserve it most.

Through word-of-mouth, our ambassadors spread the mission and vision of our project globally, encouraging other individuals to take action and do good.

Indeed, anyone can be a CharityStars' ambassador.

As a part of the program, every ambassador commits to assist our project in a number of ways, including:

Together, we are revolutionising the world of charity.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

Our Ambassadors

To these stars, the true pioneers of innovation and change, we admire you with deep respect and gratitude.
Thank you for taking part in this magical journey with us!

Niccolò Ragnini
Niccolò Ragnini

Angelomario Moratti
Angelomario Moratti


Fausto Boni
Fausto Boni

General Partner

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